Elotes – Corn in a Cup

Who wants to live forever.

One of the many delicious varieties of street food found in these here parts is Elotes… Mexican corn on the cob. You can find it roasted and on a stick, or you can find it cut off the cob and stuck in a cup.

A while back I went down to the Dallas Farmer’s Market to shoot some photographs:
and here

While I was waiting I tried a cup of corn from the Elotes vendor outside of the vegetable shed. He takes an ear of corn out of a warmer and cuts the kernels off fresh in front of you. Those go in a cup and are topped with everything unhealthy and delicious you can think of – margarine, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, lime (well that’s not unhealthy)… it is pretty darn good.

I tried it again the other day and took some photographs.

The elote stand at the Farmer’s Market

The corn is cut fresh in front of you.

It goes in a foam cup.

Your favorite goodies go in.

Corn in a cup

Now I want to go around and try some other Elotes Stands in Dallas, see what’s the best.

City of Ate’s 100 Favorite Dishes: #93 Elotes at Fuel City

Best Elotes Cart – 2011 Fiesta Market

Elotes Cart Converts My Skepticism Into Full-Blown Corn Enthusiasm

Fastest Elotes This Side Of The Rio Grande

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