People in the Farmer’s Market

A couple weeks back I spent some time on a nice day shooting some pictures in the Dallas Farmer’s Market with a friend. One subject that I didn’t get enough shots of (except for the fashion shoot next door) were the people down there. Tonight I was digging around in the photographs and found a few – thought I’d stick ’em up here.

A lot of families down buying vegetables.

Nice hat.

These boys were excited about getting some ice cream.

Note the flower petals on the ground.

After their ice cream - the boys had to pose for pictures. The sugar was having its effect.

Shopping for vegetables, trying out samples.

8 responses to “People in the Farmer’s Market

  1. I’ll first say, I love the subtitle of your blog: “This Is Not Going to Turn Out Well.” Reminds me of my only stay in Dallas (albeit, as I mentioned in my “layover” post, I arrived on a Sunday night at about 11:30pm).

    I also enjoy your photos at the farmer’s market. Great images that depict a happy family life! Full of vibrant colors and experiences.

    • Thanks, though I’m sorry about your Dallas trip – if you ever decide to come back, contact me and I’ll give you some hints.

      I never thought of it before, but everyone in the Farmer’s Market does look happy… more or less.

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