Brave Combo at the Cottonwood Arts Festival

I’ve been a fan of Brave Combo for thirty years now. I wrote about them before… go read it here.

Back? Good. Candy and I went to the Cottonwood Arts Festival to walk around in the heat, look at the art, and see the band. It’s a bit different seeing them outside in a park rather than in an Art Museum… there was something odd then in doing the Chicken Dance in the middle of about a billion dollars worth of paintings (the Cottonwood has some interesting stuff… but not on that scale).

I was a bit surprised not to see the usual crowd of Brave Combo groupies that follow them around – this is spring festival season and maybe they are all getting a bit worn out. At any rate, there were still plenty of grinning dancers.

A good time was had by all.

Brave Combo has changed a lot of its members over the years… but like a flowing river – they are always different but always the same.

Dancing to the Chicken Dance.

Brave Combo plays a terrific funk version of the Hokey Pokey. Like every else though, I worry…. What if that’s really what it’s all about?

They did  a great version of the Clarinet Polka. Unfortunately, I can’t hear this song without thinking about a Certain Unicorn.