The Most Interesting Taco in the World

A couple of weeks ago I saw on facebook that Dos Equis was sponsoring a food promotion called Feast of the Brave. Through Cinco de Mayo, Dos Equis was teaming in Dallas with the Rock And Roll Tacos food truck in a competition to determine the American city with the bravest palate. Dallas would be competing with Miami, Houston, Austin, and Los Angeles for which city can earn the most “Bravery Points” by eating various unusual tacos. The delicacies promised were everything from wild hare, to shark, to wild hog, to goat, to frog legs, to snails (with corn fungus), to hog ear, to intestines, to alligator, to cricket….

An finally, each city would boast a “mystery taco” – worth 100 points each.

Do you think this might be something that would appeal to me?

Oh, Hell Yeah!

Unfortunately I was very, very busy and wasn’t able to hook up with the food truck until the very end. On Friday I took some flex time and left work early, hopping on the DART train and rushing to Main Street Park where the truck was set up. I ran up only to discover they were closing down… out of meat. The comely Dos Equis Taco Girls were very apologetic and showed me where they would be on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo – their last day.

We had another busy day planned, but I was not going to miss out so we drove down to the Albertson’s on McKinney and Lemmon at eleven, right when they opened. I did not realize that the tacos were free and you could get as many as you wanted.

There was no way I was going to mess around with Rabbit (only 10 points) or Wild Hog (Hey, that’s pork… what’s so brave about that? And only 20 points) – so I ordered two Shark (30 points each) and two Mystery Tacos (the Mystery Tacos were 100 points each). That totaled two hundred sixty bravery points – I feel I did my civic duty.

The Shark tacos were very good. The fish was rare and was served in a crispy shell with some tropical salsa. The mystery tacos were OK – nothing special – soft flour shells with lettuce and tomato.

My guess is that the mystery tacos were iguana. They wouldn’t tell us what they were – they said the identity would go out over twitter at ten that evening.

The Dallas “Feast of the Brave” Menu

One of the Dos Equis Taco Hotesses

Two Shark Tacos on the left, and two Mystery (Iguana) tacos on the right.

Feast of the Brave Taco Truck

He once went on vacation to The Virgin Islands ..Now they are just called The Islands.

I was right about Dallas’ mystery taco – it was iguana. Chicago’s was grasshopper, Miami was oxtail, Austin was straight jalepeno, and Los Angeles was 1,000 year old egg. I’m afraid that Dallas didn’t do too well, finishing fourth behind Miami, Chicago and Austin (we wanted to beat Austin). Bringing up the rear was Houston (at least we beat them) and last, Los Angeles.

I don’t always eat tacos, but when I do, I prefer iguana.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

5 responses to “The Most Interesting Taco in the World

    • You know, it’s a funny thing, nobody else was willing to try it either. I had no problem with it. The way I look at it is that it is sponsored by a big corporation and they aren’t going to poison me. I will certainly survive and not get sick. If it is something disgusting… well, if I don’t know about it, what can it hurt?

      Plus, I had a feeling it was iguana (the chef of that truck had made iguana tacos before) and I’ve eaten iguana more than once.

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