7 responses to “Women at an outdoor concert

  1. Nice, Bill. So you’re a leg man… (joke!) The last one looks like it might end in mayhem, lotta tension there!

    • I don’t knowi f it is me as much as it is the Texas summer coming on. It’s interesting that you say there is a lot of tension in the last photo – because that wasn’t what was going on at all. They were just talking and having a good time.

  2. Who else but a blogger could get away with ogling the scantily clad… documenting the ogles… and publicly posting them without facing either a divorce or a restraining order? All in the name of art! Enjoyed the post, Bill.

  3. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. I love the collection. The thing that keeps hitting me are those beautiful red pumps that just don’t seem to coordinate with the rest of the package wrapping. I keep expecting a cocktail dress above the line of the guitar case, not shorts and a tattoo. My daughter would say, “I love you, Mom, but you are old.”

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