FEMA Trailers

Thank You Uncle Sam

Thank You Uncle Sam, FEMA trailers, Opelousas, Louisiana

Thank You Uncle Sam, FEMA trailers, Opelousas, Louisiana

I was driving to New Orleans, moving down Interstate 49, south of Alexandria. My plan was to get on Interstate 10 in Lafayette and then go east over the Atchafalaya to Baton Rouge and on into New Orleans.

But I decided to take a look at my GPS and saw the I10 highway marked in a solid bright red line all the way from Lafayette to Baton Rouge.

If you have never driven that stretch – and you will remember it if you did – that’s an almost twenty mile long bridge high up in the air over the most desolate scary swamp, the Atchafalaya River Basin, that you will ever see. It is not the place you want to spend a few hours stuck in bumper to bumper traffic as the sun sets.

My GPS showed an alternate, older route – US190 splitting off east at Opelousas and going through a more northern section of swamp to Baton Rouge. The GPS showed that route as yellow and green. As I approached the turnoff a sign promised “Alternate Route.” That was all the encouragement I needed and I drove that way.

It was a good choice. Under normal conditions it would have been slower than the uninterrupted expanse of fast concrete belonging to the I10 bridge – but today it wasn’t jammed with stopped vehicles. I only had to wait through the shorter delays caused by stoplights, fish camps, sugarcane factories, bait shops, fireworks stands, fried fish restaurants, local casinos… and the other flotsam and jetsam of the Louisiana backlands.

One thing that did catch my eye was a huge field, just east of Opalousas filled with thousands of mouldering empty portable housing units. FEMA trailers.

There were once hundreds of thousands of these left over after Katrina. Cheaply made, even by government standards, spewing formaldehyde vapors, leaking and harboring black mold – they were a controversial response to the disaster – sometimes welcomed, often maligned.

But here they still are, eight years later. Come on down and buy one, they are for sale, pennies on the dollar. What a bargain.

FEMA Trailers (click to enlarge)

FEMA Trailers
(click to enlarge)

25 responses to “FEMA Trailers

    • Well it is July 2016 and Yes the FEMA trailers are still sitting there. Every time I pass by which is once or twice a week, I think surely something could be done about this! They are just sitting there going or gone to waste when there are homeless people right here in Lafayette, St landry and Evangeline parishes. Even if you didn’t want to donate to homeless there is hundreds of people who would buy them for camps and other reasons. I’m sorry but this makes NO since what so ever…it is such an awful waste!!

  1. I live in Opelousas and know a lot of people who want to buy some of them, we get told the same thing over and over, “they belong to a man from Mississippi and he stores them there because it is cheaper than storing them in Mississippi, and he brings a few at a time to fix up and sell in Miss.”

    • Hi, I am a reporter headed up there tomorrow. Is there any chance I could interview you this week on-camera about the trailers? My cell is 914-980-1267. thanks!

    • This actually makes sense to me. I was driving from Lafayette to Pensacola on I10/12. I saw a 1 ton pickup towing 2 of them in tandem. It was the scariest thing I ever saw on the road. The front trailer swayed a little, the back one swayed the other way. This caused the front trailer to sway more, which then caused the truck to sway back and forth. It looked like a hundred foot snake slithering down the road.

  2. Has anyone found out how to get in touch with the owner of the FEMA trailers in Opelousas. I would appreciate any information you could give me

  3. Its 2016. Are there any left?Our house flooded with 6ft of water.in Covington Louisiana. Needless to say we wi be working on it for a long time before it is liveable and we can’t afford a hotel for that long. Can you send me price ranges and photos. It would be for 2 people and a 4lb yorkie. I would really appreciate

  4. It’s a realshame that there are trailers that we bought with our tax dolllars and need to live in them NOW but can’t even buy them because of some troble in our lives and NEED help but our goverment looks the other way but hell after 911 and us attacking back then we go there to rebuild their country. Are we stupid or is it just me

  5. I am interested in purchasing a Fema trailer, this month – the ones that are in the Lafayette area. I live in Abbeville… Can anyone assist me in getting more info on “how-to” ?? Thanking anyone in advance!

  6. There are still FEMA trailers in Holden LA too. Wondering if FEMA is stiil paying to store them there. If so, how much waste $$$ is there???

  7. Henderson Auction just informed me that all the trailers on the Evangelne Downs property I-49 have sold at $4-5k. Not worth the money. Better off buying a solid, nontoxic camper for that amount.

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