Instead of going shopping, I went for a fun ride with the Bike Friendly Richardson group.

Bike Friendly Richardson

Renner Trail

What an amazing day and what an incredible group of riders who came out for Bike Friendly Richardson’s 4th Annual Black Friday Ride. When I arrived early to the starting point at East Side, folks were already waiting to go. Eventually, the group grew to over 30 riders. Even City Councilman, Amir Omar, stopped by to see us off and applaud our efforts.

We also had a pretty large variety of bikes, from a stretched-frame cruiser, a cargo bike, a tandem, some classic refurbs, a few mountain bikes, to some super light road bikes. With so many different styles of riders, my first concern was how I was going to pace a ride and keep everybody happy — not a problem.

The group was amazing. Nobody had an agenda, other than having a casual ride around town and avoiding the crowded, Black Friday shopping malls. The ride was…

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Bad Veins

We left the Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s First Annual Party and walked over to Main street where the Deep Ellum Market was in full bloom. I’ve heard some good music at the Markets – the bands set up on the sidewalk outside a recording studio on Main. I’ve seen Ducado Vega and June Marieezy – they were all really good.

Today was a duo called Bad Veins – a guitar/singer/keyboardist and a drummer. They said they usually play with a backing tape deck (named Irene) but decided to be a little more laid back and simply play. They were pretty darn good. They had a little cadre of fans sitting in plastic chairs in the street. How cool.

Benjamin Davis – Bad Veins guitar player and singer.

The Bad Veins and their dedicated fans.

A fan.

Bad Veins playing on the sidewalk in Deep Ellum.