Deep Ellum – Filipino Fest

Went down to Deep Ellum for a while today to check out Filipino Fest. It was terribly hot, so I was only able to hang around for awhile. I took a few photos and then bailed – there was a recording studio that had a pop-up bar set up inside. The sign said, “A/C, Full Bar, Bathrooms,” which was hard to resist. Inside I found an old couch,  some good music, comedians doing short sets, and Deep Ellum Wheat Beer on tap. This truly is the best of all possible worlds.

June Marieezy doing a set on the street

It was really hot, which makes some folks sleepy

11 responses to “Deep Ellum – Filipino Fest

  1. I can’t deal with the heat, so I would have been off for a nice cold beer super quick! 😉

    I love the colour quality of your pictures, they are always stunning! 🙂

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