The Stooges Brass Band

The kids at Tulane are so lucky (in many different ways) – and I’m not sure they realize it fully. Can you imagine going to college in that city? Being young and having that much history, music, and soul around you all the time would be an unbelievable experience.

All I had was bad disco.

After driving to New Orleans we were able to catch some of the homecoming festivities on campus. The Stooges Brass Band was set up on the Quad in back of the student center – though most of the kids seemed more interested in lining up for some free food.

The Stooges Brass Band

The Stooges Brass Band

The Stooges Brass Band

The Stooges Brass Band

The Stooges Brass Band

The Stooges Brass Band

I really liked The Stooges and wanted to stick around for the next act, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, but Lee had to work. He has a very important job. He works the door at The Boot. He said he was scheduled to work happy hour. We asked how long that was and he said, “Six to Ten.”

Great Music, Great Food, a Great City, and a four hour long happy hour.

The Boot

Lee working the door at The Boot. You can see his face on the right of the pipe sticking up.

Happy Hour at The Boot

It was a big Friday Evening Happy Hour Homecoming crowd at The Boot. Lee says it's always like that.

3 responses to “The Stooges Brass Band

    • Oh, I’ll be back, don’t worry. My son will be in school there for at least two more years… and then, hopefully, I can afford to come even more often.

      Thanks for the comment – I love reading blogs from The Big Easy – it makes me feel like I’m there… almost.

  1. Well, after all this reading about New Orleans and seeing the pictures and videos I guess I have no choice but to go back! Been almost ten years since I last rode the train down from NYC. I’m about due for a visit 🙂

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