Short Story (Flash Fiction) Of the Day, Helicopter by Nicholas L. Sweeney

Overhead, Danny heard a sound like a hundred horses galloping in unison. The craft had looked like a stray gout of orange flame rising into the sky. The white blades of its propeller carved a halo over its head. The ice cream slipped, forgotten, from Danny’s hand. The cone crunched beneath his sneaker.

—-Nicholas L. Sweeney, Helicopter

Helicopter, Downtown Dallas, Texas

I shot the helicopter reflected in a building in downtown after riding my bike to visit a new park, Pacific Plaza, in downtown. It was lifting what looked like roofing materials to the top of another skyscraper.

I looked around for a flash fiction about a helicopter, and found this one… it’s pretty good.


Read it here:

Helicopter by Nicholas L. Sweeney

from Flash Fiction Magazine


Grow Wings As Ministering Angels

“The mother-women seemed to prevail that summer at Grand Isle. It was easy to know them, fluttering about with extended, protecting wings when any harm, real or imaginary, threatened their precious brood. They were women who idolized their children, worshiped their husbands, and esteemed it a holy privilege to efface themselves as individuals and grow wings as ministering angels.”
Kate Chopin, The Awakening

Dallas, Texas

Traded In Their Horses For Helicopters

The First of the Ninth was a old cavalry division that traded in their horses for helicopters and went tear-assing around ‘Nam looking for the shit…
—-Capt. Benjamin Willard, Apocalypse Now

Pacific Plaza, Dallas, Texas

Earthly and Mechanical Paraphernalia

“She glided away towards the lift, which seemed hardly needed, with its earthly and mechanical paraphernalia, to bear her up to the higher levels.”
Anthony Powell, A Dance to the Music of Time: 3rd Movement

Helicopter shadow, Pacific Plaza Park, Dallas, Texas

Adjust To Your Needs

If you’re in the middle of the ocean with no flippers and no life preserver and you hear a helicopter, this is music. You have to adjust to your needs at the moment.
—- Tom Waits

Rotor on a Bell UH-1 Huey on temporary display, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas

Rotor on a Bell UH-1 Huey on temporary display, University of Texas at Dallas,
Richardson, Texas

Helicopter courtesy of Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Heavy Lifting

He stands erect by bending over the fallen. He rises by lifting others.
—-Douglas Horton

I rode the DART train into Downtown Dallas for the last Dallas Writing Marathon and as the short line of yellow electric cars climbed out of the tunnel under Central Expressway I could hear a distinct WUP-WUP-WUP sound. Looking out the window, I saw a gigantic lifting helicopter delivering a load to the top of the Chase Tower (the skyscraper with a big hole in it). By the time the train pulled into the station, it had already settled into a parking lot behind the Plaza of the Americas.

A few hours later, after we had finished writing, I returned to the station and discovered the skycrane was taking off again. I ran around, up to the police lines, and watched it carry a load (it looked like electrical equipment) up to the notch in the top of the vaulted cap of the skyscraper.

The helicopter was a Sikorsky S-64, modified by Erickson Air-Crane. It had a plastic bubble facing backward into the cargo area where a crewman could sit and direct a precision lift. The whole operation was extensive – from police security to a line of trucks delivering cargo to be lifted to a tanker truck of jetfuel to keep the copter going.

It was all pretty cool. I took some pictures.

Sikorsky S-64 delivering a load to the top of the Chase Tower, Dallas, Texas

Sikorsky S-64 delivering a load to the top of the Chase Tower, Dallas, Texas

Music has generally involved a lot of awkward contraptions, a certain amount of heavy lifting.
—-Tom Waits

Erickson Air-Crane and the Dallas Skyline

Erickson Air-Crane and the Dallas Skyline

As I get older, the present and the past shift and become the past and the future… A lot of it is a new awareness of time and life and the wheel of fortune crushing you and lifting you and crushing you and lifting you.

Erickson Air-Crane

Erickson Air-Crane

Another mode of accumulating power arises from lifting a weight and then allowing it to fall.
—-Charles Babbage