Decorated Dumpsters

Why is the dumpster decorated? Who is that in the photo?

Design District Dallas, Texas

Design District
Dallas, Texas
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Art is where you find it.

You will never see stuff like this from a car (is that a good thing? maybe) – you are moving too fast and, hopefully, looking where you are going. On a bicycle you move slow (but, unlike walking, you can cover quite a bit of area) enough to see around, to notice things, and to stop and smell the dumpsters whenever you feel like it.

If you look on google maps street view, the dumpsters are there, but they aren’t decorated.

It’s right around the corner from the Faded Sign from the other day.

BTW, that Faded Sign – it wasn’t hard to figure out – it actually says, “Grandale Galleries”

Design District, Dallas, Texas (click to enlarge)

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Grandale Galleries Warehouse is a recently defunct discount furniture store… as best as I can figure out.