Digital Art – Bicycles

After having saved money for years I now have a graphics suite installed on a computer at home – Photoshop, The Gimp, Illustrator, and Corel Painter along with a Wacom Tablet.

What I want to do is to develop some skills… and more importantly, a vision. Right now, though, I’m playing around and learning my way around the pixels. Here’s a couple simple ones I did last night… both bicycle related.

Cruiser in the French Quarter

Cruiser in the French Quarter

If you are curious… for the original source of this – look here.



2 responses to “Digital Art – Bicycles

  1. Cool! I also just started getting into making graphics, but I don’t have any of the nice software you have (totally jealous!) Check out my About page–I just added some new comics/images (not sure what to call them, really)!

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