The Dallas Police Department Welcomes You to Deep Ellum

One pillar in the Dallas Art Park was painted by a Dallas Police Officer. It’s a good story.

“I know the law-abiding people don’t hate us, but just dealing with the criminal element, we get a lot of hate,” she said. “If I could plant one little seed in someone’s head that the police are the good guys, I would consider myself to be successful in this deal.”
—from the Dallas Morning News

From the Pillar:

This mural was painted by DPD officer Cat Lafitte 8642 as a reminder to citizens and officers alike that we are a community.
Supplies provided by the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police, the Dallas Derby Devils, and all the awesome folks who donated their hard earned money

Pillar in the Dallas Art Park painted by Cat Laffite

Pillar in the Dallas Art Park painted by Cat Laffite

The side of the pillar - Justice Shall Be Served

The side of the pillar – Justice Shall Be Served

The pillar contains some words of wisdom –

What I’ve Learned in 32 Years:

Thank a cop, a nurse, a teacher, a soldier, a firefighter – for working so hard for the benefit of everyone and never getting paid enough.

  • Hug your mama cuz I guarantee you were a turd when you were 2
  • Be yourself cuz those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter
  • If you’re unhappy with something, change it, if you can’t change it, accept it
  • Use your freakin turn signal, people!
  • Hate corrodes the vessel that carries it
  • If someone hurts you, do what you (legally) can to punish them then secretly thank them for making you a stronger person
  • Never eat yellow snow!
  • Read a book
  • Never fry bacon in the nude
  • Be nice to animals, old people and kids
  • If the shoe doesn’t fit, that aintcho shoe!
  • And most importantly….
What I've Learned in 32 Years

What I’ve Learned in 32 Years

Unfortunately, things did not work out well. The internet remembers everything.

A Dallas police officer who is under investigation after getting into a fight with a Plano hospital worker bragged about the incident on her Facebook page.
“I threw my boot at him, Jerry Springer style, and nailed him in the face,” Senior Cpl. Cat Lafitte wrote this week, several days after police were called to the hospital Feb. 9. “It broke his glasses and cut his face and bruised it up real good!”
—-from The Dallas Morning News

Cat Lafitte, Police Officer Fired for Brawling and Bragging About It, Refused Help, Cops Say