On the way to Toad Corners

On the way to Toad Corners

I found a picnic table in the large open Pecan Grove area of the Arboretum to sit and read for a bit. A family went by, on the way through the Crape Myrtle Allee to the popular water feature called Toad Corners.

Kids love to play in the water at Toad Corners

Kids love to play in the fountain. Some folks like to make it a destination on hot summer days – sort of an artistic water park.

This means you!

The signage next to Toad Corners sure doesn’t make it look appetising, though.

The family came back from the fountain after about an hour and ate a picnic lunch at a table near mine. They all looked healthy enough.

4 responses to “On the way to Toad Corners

    • They are building a multi-millon dollar addition to the Arboretuem – a Children’s Garden full of activities for kids – but I can’t imagine it being any more fun on a hot summer day that those four frogs spitting water.

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