Crepe Myrtle Allee and Dale Chihuly

I remember when I first went to the Dallas Arboretum a couple decades ago – one place that I enjoyed and remember was a double row of Crepe Myrtle trees  with a walkway running between. Now, after all this time, the trees have grown together overhead, forming a long, dark, mysterious tunnel.

During my writing group’s trip to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit I set up my tripod in the Crepe Myrtle Allee with my camera facing the Dallas Star sculpture down at the end. Here are a couple of HDR three-exposure shots I came up with.

For a larger and more detailed version of this photo – go to the Flickr Page

For a larger and more detailed version of this photo – Go to the Flickr Page

16 responses to “Crepe Myrtle Allee and Dale Chihuly

  1. I feel in love with Chihuly in Boston some years ago. You have brought out the wonder of his work. Thanks. Your pictures are very enjoyable and speak volumes.

  2. It looks so magical! It must have been amazing to come back to see how they’ve grown. I wonder if they grow like this naturally or if they are pruned or coaxed somehow to do that.

  3. Reblogged this on Lara: On the Weigh Down and commented:
    Been down for the last few days with “girlie issues” and wanted to come back strong with this amazing post. Can you just imagine walking under the “tree tunnel” and not feeling like you’re in a fairy tale? Sometimes we need to take a moment and cast our eyes away from our current struggle whether it’s weight loss, health issues, family, work and look at something incredibly beautiful. Called the “big picture” folks and it’s so big!

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