Pet Parade

A while back I wrote about our little daytrip down to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. We always try to go around noon on Sunday because that is when the Pet Parade is, and the guaranteed cornucopia of dogs makes Candy happy. She likes the canines, I get a kick out of the hipster doofuses. The parade was led by a parrot riding a remote controlled toy jeep.

I dug through my files and copied some of the photographs onto a thumb drive to transfer over to Candy’s computer for her enjoyment and thought I’d share them with y’all.

My son Lee (visiting from New Orleans for the weekend) and a new friend.

After a while, do people start to look like their pets?....

3 responses to “Pet Parade

  1. That is so awesome. Maybe I have to leave this desert and move to a civilization that has more to offer than the fun of watching bugs get zapped on the back porch! Ooooh, I will now name the event, “The Dead Bug Flying Parade.”
    Great pics!

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