Monster Heads in Little Wooden Boxes

The night before we went down to the Deep Ellum Festival of the Arts, Music, Food, and Bad Tattoos, I pulled a little wad of bills out of a hiding spot and carefully counted. This was what was left of my stash of savings that I had scraped together and held aside for non-essential purchases. I was glad when I found out I had enough to buy another sculpture from an artist that haunts the Deep Ellum Festival, David Pound of

He makes little monster heads in wooden boxes out of sculpey polymer clay and found objects. I’m a big fan. He always brings a big inventory to Dallas and it’s hard to choose only one.

I found his booth right after we arrived and I gave everything a once over, then left to think about my decision. We walked down to the other side of the festival and as we were coming back I could see a huge Texas violent spring thunderstorm rising up on the west side of the gleaming towers of downtown. I knew that time was suddenly short so I walked quickly back down to David’s booth to make up my mind.

They all look so cool. Some have backgrounds I especially like, some have more interesting found objects (I particularly liked one with a roadkill rat’s desiccated hand sticking up from his head – I asked about preservation and David said, “A couple days in the sun and it’s like jerky”) and others have facial expressions I like.

I narrowed it down to two – then picked one named “Burrow.” I liked his earth tones, electronic parts, and snarky expression.


Now “Burrow” sits on a shelf next to his buddy that I bought last year, “Persuasion.”


Last year, for mother’s day, I had David Pound make a pair of earrings for Candy. For the commission, I sent him a photo of our dog, Rusty, and he made her earrings to match.

Earrings I had David Pound make for Candy for Mother's Day last year.

They do look like Rusty

Customers at the Deep Ellum Art Festival looking over David Pound's inventory of little monster heads in boxes.

It's hard to pick only one.

David Pound working on a creation.

11 responses to “Monster Heads in Little Wooden Boxes

  1. Oh Wow! those are just amazing. Would so love to get earrings done of one of my dogs like that – what a really thoughtful gift!

    Does your man have a website by any chance? Thanks for this glimpse – so interesting from the other side of the water! Cam

  2. Thanks for the glimpse into the Deep Ellum Festival of the Arts, Music, Food and Bad Tattoos. Looks like a good time was had by all (and that monster head in a box–genius!).

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