The Soda Gallery

There are some really cool places in the Bishop Arts District. One of them is The Soda Gallery. It’s the place where you can hang out… and it gives the phrase “pop art” a new double meaning.

It’s a little art gallery and it’s a soda shop… it’s both.

So you can go inside and make a selection from their extensive collection of soft drinks – 30 kinds of root beer, Dublin Doctor Pepper, Nesbitt’s, Ramune (the Japanese stuff with the marble), and so on and so forth. They have a nice little table out on the sidewalk and I watched some groups buying sodas and sitting there drinking them. What a nice idea! I am so down on alcohol right now – it’s cool to find another option for social interaction other than booze or coffee.

And inside they do have art displayed on the walls. They had some really good stuff – screenprints of superheroes or comic book panels and other examples of local pop art.

I wish this place was in my neighborhood – but I’ll go visit when I can.

On the Soda Gallery’s website they have some examples of interesting soft drink ads… here’s some for your enjoyment.

Nesbitt’s Orange, from the 70’s. There is a lot of Robert Crumb psychedelic stuff going on here.

Japanese Fanta Commercial

It’ll Tickle Yer Innards!

5 responses to “The Soda Gallery

  1. That is great Bill there is nothing like that here. I would love it, a bit to much of the socializing in this country revolves around alcohol and pubs. It would be nice to have somewhere like that to go..

  2. I’ve never heard of this place before, but it looks pretty neat!

    I hate to admit that in spite of the fact that I’ve lived in Dallas for 12 years and I know that there are a number of things I would like to see and do in the Bishop’s Arts District, I’ve never actually been to that neighborhood. One of these days, though… One of these days…

    • I’m looking forward to reading what you wrote. The Soda Gallery is such a great place to hang out – I wish it was closer to where I live. The whole Bishop Arts area is such a wonderful refreshing place – I hope it is able to survive and flourish.

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