The Universal view melts things into a blur.
—-Emile Cioran

You must have a colorful fork.

You must have a colorful fork.

New Orleans, French Quarter

I enjoy sitting at a little sidewalk table, sipping something – maybe my notebook is out – watching the world going by. If you move too much, you miss everything. Stay still, and it will come to you… sort of like hunting from a blind. It may not seem so exciting, but it’s how to bag the big game.

Having a camera does ruin things a bit. I don’t like looking at the world through a viewfinder. I don’t like closing my mind so I can think of angles, exposures, ISO.  But if I don’t make that sacrifice I can’t share it all with you, can I… so enjoy what you can… viddy well, my little droogies, viddy well.

Of course, another option is to set the camera on the table and simply reach out, now and then, and tap the shutter.