What I learned this week, April 15, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE: Voyeurism, naked women in bathtubs, orgies, ramped up violence! Nothing was off limits during Hollywood’s 1930s pre-censorship era when sex and sin ruled the big screen

Between 1930-1934, a progressive era in Hollywood had a relaxed code of censorship which allowed sin to rule the movies. Violence, nudity and profanity were rarely off limits in that four-year span, now known as the ‘pre-code era’.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia: Folly or Masterpiece?

Masterpiece. Next Question.

King Lear, Dallas Theater Center, Wyly Theater

American Occupation

Brave dissenters willing to defy an oppressive orthodoxy are our country’s best hope

Metal Ostrich Sculpture, downtown McKinney, Texas

Lithium ion batteries going cobalt-free; nickel next on the chopping block

In an effort to bring down costs, General Motors, Tesla, Nissan and other automakers have pledged to start building cars with cobalt-free lithium ion batteries.

I remember in 1979 working on reducing the amount of cobalt added as a nutrient in cattle feed because of instability in Africa and the skyrocketing cobalt prices that resulted. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Mayan Flint Knife from the Dallas Museum of Art

How to Sharpen a Knife

A dull knife is a dangerous knife; keep yourself and those around you safe by learning how to properly sharpen your blade.

A group of friends in front of the Dallas Museum of Art, night, long exposure

How do you mourn the end of a friendship?

What happens when you lose a friend you loved — and maybe still love? The person is not gone; They’re still alive and presumably well. But the relationship? Dead. What are the mechanics of grief there?

The End of Progressive Intellectual Life

How the foundation-NGO complex quashed innovative thinking and open debate, first on the American right and now on the center left