A desire to make a choice of some kind… I am concerned with magic, awe and wonder, with ontological insecurity.
—-Michael Sandle

The Drummer, Michael Sandle

The Drummer, Michael Sandle

The Drummer, Michael Sandle, The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans Museum of Art

I am very aware of the way that Britain has a habit of interfering overseas. Years ago I did a Mickey Mouse machine-gun sculpture as a comment on the Americans in Vietnam. I was interested to discover from my historical research how we’d meddled with the place after the Japanese surrender. It wasn’t the Americans who started it and it wasn’t the French. It was us.

Coming to the Royal Academy: death, brutality and Adam and Eve of No 10
Controversial artwork showing Blairs naked unveiled as the centrepiece of summer exhibition
—-Michael Sandle

Belgrano Medal – a Medal of Dishonour

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