A Thing of Beauty

I know I should not give things – physical objects – attributes beyond what they are – simply shapes of metal, rubber, and leather. Things are not as important as people.

Bicycles…. umm, that’s another matter.

At a vintage bicycle ride/show/swap meet I attended a while back there was a Hetchins bicycle that was of such sublime beauty that I can’t really think of it as a physical object only. The Hetchins bikes are known for intricate lugwork and for being, well, transcendent works of art.

This one was painted green with the lugs set off with gold paint – and a full complement of Brooks leather saddle, bar tape, and tool bag. Vintage Campagnolo… of course.

A simple bicycle, yet such a thing of beauty.




4 responses to “A Thing of Beauty

    • Yes, Brooks makes amazingly beautiful stuff. I think it is their “D-shaped bag” – though it looked rectangular to me. It has an inner, zippered compartment that the rider can carry with him. Greatness.

      I can’t afford any Brooks gear – but I remember the bike I bought my freshman year in college (1974), a Raleigh Supercourse, came with a Brooks saddle, stock. I wish I still had that bike/saddle.

  1. Beautiful. It’s been a long time since I owned an all-Campy bike, just a little longer since I replaced a Campy rear derailleur for a less-beautiful but superior-in-function Sun Tour. I never had a Hetchins. I think to have owned and sold such timeless parts and machine would be too much for my capacity for regret.

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