Meat Pie!

As I was puttering around the house Saturday, trying to shake off the ache of a sleepless night, I thought about getting some cereal or something in my gullet – but I realized there would be food trucks at the Ciclovia de Dallas and that I would want to eat there. That made for some hungry driving around, but I was rewarded as I cycled across the closed-off Houston Street Viaduct by the appearance of a gourmet food truck that I had never tried before.

It was the Three Lions truck and this one boasted English Food. A while back I tried the excellent Three Men and a Taco truck and it was good. The problem is that the folks behind this truck were British ex-pats and driving another Taco truck around North Texas didn’t fit in with their souls. So the gaudy Taco wrap came off and the truck became Three Lions.

Most of the Ciclovia festivities were over before I arrived. When I rode my bike up to the truck they were working on the menu sign, crossing off the Sausage Roll. Looking at what was left, I decided on the Meat Pie (The Carolina BBQ Pork Mini Burger looked good, but didn’t sound very English to me). While I was waiting for my food a guy came up to grab a napkin and told me, “Oh man, those sausage rolls are great… Oh crap! They are out of them!” He looked at me like a poor relative as they handed me my meat pie.

I moved to the condiment section and chose the bottle of Sriracha (anything good is better with Sriracha on it). A Hispanic family was standing there eating the last of the sausage rolls and the man pointed to the Sriracha and in broken English said, “That stuff is good… spicy!” I agreed and gave it another squirt.

I carried my pie back to where my bike leaned up against the concrete bridge rail. I sat there eating, listening to the live music, and watching the bikes of the Ciclovia de Dallas roll by. It was good, though I was so hungry I can’t really give a fair review.

Some day, though, I’m going to try that sausage roll.

Three Lions Food Truck Home Page

Three Lions Facebook

Three Lions Twitter

Three Lions food truck at the Ciclovia de Dallas

Texas in our hearts, England in our blood.

A meat pie, Sriracha sauce, a diet Coke, a bike, and a concrete bridge

17 responses to “Meat Pie!

    • Actually, it was pretty good. The crust was nice and flaky, yet you could eat it without utensils (always a good thing when you are eating on a bridge). The filling was a little bland for my taste (but everything is bland for my taste) and the Sriracha helped.

  1. Three Lions are outstanding! We got to try their meat pies once! They are some really great guys too! The whole food truck movement is amazing to me!!!

    • There aren’t as many Gourmet Food Trucks in Dallas as there are in, say, Austin – but there are more every day. I’d guess there are about twenty that are out there on a daily basis. There is a Food Truck park in Fort Worth and several more planned around the Metroplex. Plus there are a few areas – The Arts District, Valley View Mall, Greenville Avenue, where you can find various trucks on a semi-permanent basis.

      It’s definitely a growing phenomenon here and elsewhere.

  2. As a Brit transplanted into North Texas I have to say that the meat pies and the sausage rolls are excellent. These lads deserve all the success they get with great quality and customer service. I’m going to try and track down a pie when my wife and I are downtown tomorrow.

  3. I can say, as a Brit, pies are amazing, whatever the filling. A sausage roll isn’t in the same league as a pie, but still essential british food nonetheless.

  4. As a Londoner, resident in London, I hadn’t realised that sausage rolls and meat pies were so exotic! I thought they were sold everywhere! They are here. You can buy them in every cafe, supermarket, corner shop, petrol station, football ground, roadside food truck… I could go on.

    I’ll agree that meat pies can be a bit bland. If you get a chance, try a Cornish pasty and a pork pie. Pork pies are best eaten cold and have a hard pastry. Love them!

    Great post Bill!

  5. I lived in New Zealand for about 6 months and the thing I miss the most (other than the people) were the pies. This may be the not-so-inner fat kid in me talking, but there’s just something awesome about flaky pastry and beef. Even the “bad” ones tasted good.

  6. Looks good. Well done post. 🙂 Meat pies in demand and nearby barber-shops; that’s always a good sign. 😀

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