The Green Dragon

I have ridden and written about three of the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority trolley cars – Petunia, Matilda, and Rosie. There was one more that I had never ridden (or at least didn’t remember riding) – The Green Dragon (MATA does have one more car – but it’s used for maintenance. They have several more being restored).

The Green Dragon is an unusual looking car. The driver’s station at each end looks like it was tacked onto a regular car. Its roof is flat and sort of sticks out and even looks like it dangles down a little bit.

It was built in 1913 (it will be a hundred years old next year) and ran in Dallas for 46 years. It ran on McKinney avenue and the SMU students gave it the nickname “Green Dragon” back in the day. She was retired in 1956 and used as a hay barn in North Dallas for a few decades. For a while it was used to display Roger Staubach’s Jersey in a sports museum in Grand Prairie.

I was happy to see the Green Dragon pull up to the Central Expressway Trolley stop. She is a large car and has a very smooth ride. From the inside, you can see the wooden bulkhead that marks the transition from the curved roof of the car to the flat roof of the cab. It doesn’t look as odd inside as it does when the car is clanking down the track.

The Green Dragon is a sweet ride and a great way to get around Uptown.

Riding the Uptown Trolley

Vintage ‘Green Dragon’ Trolley Damaged

Green Dragon Facebook Photoset

6 responses to “The Green Dragon

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  2. Thanks so much for this post Bill. I was really interested in the old trolly as it sat rusting and what it looks like restored. I was so enthralled by the post, I did some research in the abandoned trolley in Rochester, NY where I work. I may even get involved in the REconnect Rochester ( project if time permits. I applaud those who could see what a trolley can mean to tourist and local traffic in a city. Go Mass Transit!

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