Shit Dallas People Say

If you don’t live here this won’t make sense. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog you might recognize a few things, but otherwise, nah.

But if you are from Dallas, this is hilarious.

I loved it, even though it didn’t have my favorite Dallas saying. That’s, “Well, you start out driving on Beltline.”  Everything (including my house) is right off Beltline Road. I can be on a freeway fifty miles from my house and see a Beltline Exit sign. One weekend I’m going to drive the entire Beltline Road (it is a loop, surprise) – it might take two days.

Others that I hear(or say) that aren’t on the video:

  • “I get nosebleeds if I go north of George Bush.”
  • “I remember when the West End was cool.”
  • “Nobody rides DART to the fair, it’s too crowded.”
  • “Ugh, the water tastes awful, the lakes must have turned over.”
  • “Should we take LBJ or George Bush.”
  • “Should we go Woodall Rogers or the Mixmaster?”
  • “Central’s all red, better take Greenville.”
  • “There a wreck on 75, better take Coit.”
  • “Stay away from 30, the Zipper is busted.”
  • “I had to bail her out of Lou Sterrett”
  • I don’t remember if it’s in Rockwall or Rowlett.”
  • “Pho Pasteur has the best Pho.”
  • “Bistro B has the best Pho.”
  • “Pho Bac has the best Pho.”
  • “Pho Bang has the best Pho.”
  • “Pho Q  has the best Pho.”
  • “Pho King has the best Pho.”
  • “He lives in this old house, it’s been there almost twenty years.”
  • “They live in a Condo in Uptown.”
  • “Who lives in all these houses?”
  • “Let me borrow your DART pass.”
  • “Let me borrow your Toll Tag.”
  • “You can’t get to Deep Ellum from here.”
  • “Are we waiting for the Red or the Blue?”
  • “Whatever you do, don’t jaywalk in downtown”
  • “A coyote got their cat.”
  • “Back when Frisco was way out in the country.”
  • “Back when Southwest had free drinks.”
  • “I can’t believe you walked there.”
  • “Is the AC all the way up?”
  • “They need to hurry the hell up, they’re driving the speed limit.”
  • “That Mexican food place looks awful, their food must be great.”

At any rate, here it is:

What Dallas sayings do you have that you treasure/are completely sick of? What sayings do you hear every day where you are at?