Short Story (Flash Fiction) Of the Day, Something That Can Never be Held by Cathy Ulrich

You are on the run. You are in love.

—-Cathy Ulrich, Something That Can Never Be Held

Bonnie Parker's Gravesite

Bonnie Parker’s Gravesite

Bonnie and Clyde are from Dallas. Across the city you see spots that call back to their infamous history. I have visited the gravesites of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.  It is a story that will forever be told and retold, the truth wavering in the background, changing as widely variable points of view shift in and out of focus. Today we have a bit of flash fiction inspired by an old photograph.

Read (or listen to)  it here:

Something That Can Never be Held by Cathy Ulrich

from FlashBack Fiction

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Grave of Clyde Barrow and his brother, Buck.

What I learned this week, November 21, 2014


I actually knew about all but three of these, but an interesting list anyway.

Grave of Clyde Barrow and his brother, Buck.

Grave of Clyde Barrow and his brother, Buck.

When I was nothing more than a sprout (or in this case, an offshoot) and lived in the Canal Zone, I was fascinated by the bananas that grew everywhere. Although everyone grew a little tired of eating them all the time, it was really cool to watch them grow and develop – and to realize that there are many types of bananas – most superior to the Cavendish that we buy in our supermarkets.

But now, disaster. Something else to worry about.

Has The End Of The Banana Arrived?

Did you know that all bananas are slightly radioactive?

I stayed up too late last night to watch most of what is one of the best movies ever made.

I’ve always found this to be one of the most frightening scenes in any movie. Starting with Lundegaard hoplessly struggling with the list of VIN numbers and then having Marge figure out that something is very wrong – you see the end of a person’s life right here. It’s awful – even if it’s somebody as reprehesible as Lundegaard. Ya, Darn tootin’.

An oh ya, this scene. I actually Googled Normandale Community College (seems like a nice enough place) after I watched it. It must be a short path from Juco to turning tricks in a snow-bound truck stop. Go Bears.

The 60 Best Action Movies on Netflix

If you were to ask me (But why would you do something like that?) I would tell you I’m not a particular fan of action movies. However, looking at this list, I’ve seen all but about five of them. The others I liked (mostly) – so maybe I should try and finish it off.

If we do see all of them, or if we want more (I’ve been thinking I should write in first person plural more often) there there is always this:

The 101 Best Movies Streaming on Netflix 2014

29 Clever License Plates That Slipped Past The DMV

The start of the Denton Katy trail off of Swisher Road, in Lake Dallas.

The start of the Denton Katy trail off of Swisher Road, in Lake Dallas.

If you build bike paths, cyclists will come

The new bridge from the Santa Fe trail into The Lot

The new bridge from the Santa Fe trail into The Lot

Check out plans for the taproom with skyline views at Dallas’ Alamo Drafthouse

This is truly the best of all possible worlds.

Richardson’s first brewery, Four Bullets, bets on opening before end of 2014

How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits

Stylish bike rider, French Quarter, New Orleans

Stylish bike rider, French Quarter, New Orleans

When Wins Aren’t Wins; When Sharing is Renting

Magazine Street, New Orleans

Magazine Street, New Orleans

Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, Texas

Klyde Warren Park,
Dallas, Texas

Texas, 3 Ways

I ate lunch at a splashy new dining spot at the edge of Klyde Warren, Lark on the Park, and chatted with the owner, the longtime Dallas restaurateur Shannon Wynne. When he commented, “Dallas has matured more in the last five years than in the past 25,” I asked him why this was. He guffawed in reply, “Well, it certainly can’t be the locals.” He added that the city had benefited greatly from new blood, and that they in turn had emboldened establishment Dallasites to reconsider the city’s possibilities.

While Mr. Wynne talked, I looked over his shoulder at the restaurant’s walls, which were covered with intricate chalk drawings that rotate quarterly: one by a local tattoo artist, another by a medical illustrator, a third depicting the University of Texas at Dallas’s top-ranked chess team. Meanwhile, outside, dozens of residents were tossing Frisbees, or ice skating. It occurred to me that while Dallas has always exhibited the capacity to surprise others, it had now succeeded in surprising itself.

Abby Magill, of Home By Hovercraft Klyde Warren Park Dallas, Texas

Abby Magill, of
Home By Hovercraft
Klyde Warren Park
Dallas, Texas

Milk Crate Bike in the reading area in Klyde Warren Park.

Milk Crate Bike in the reading area in Klyde Warren Park.

Lives of folks like you


—-Epitaph, Bonnie Parker, Oct. 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934

I was driving around in an unfamiliar part of town, more lost than not, when I noticed on my right, the Crown Hill Memorial Park Cemetery. I had been there once before, many years before, following the directions on some Find-A-Grave website. I had driven over there guided by some morbid curiosity – I wanted to see Bonnie Parker‘s gravesite.

Bonnie Parker's Gravesite

Bonnie Parker's Gravesite

It is always peaceful to visit the grave site of someone you don’t know. I wonder who puts the flowers out for Bonnie after all these years.

The grave is in a nondescript spot.

The area around Bonnie Parker's Grave

The area around Bonnie Parker's Grave

Her mother is buried to the right of her. I’ve wondered about the recent family plot that is to the left, the Tyner plot. Do you have to pay extra to get a plot next to someone infamous? Or did people avoid it all these years. I think it would be cool to be buried next to Bonnie, simply for the kick of having people come visit and say, “Jeez Honey, look who’s right next door.”

What about Clyde? He’s buried across town, I’m afraid. Her family didn’t want him buried anywhere near Bonnie. There was some interest in having him moved next to her, but nothing came of it.

I tried to visit Clyde’s grave once. It’s in a particularly unpleasant part of town and when I walked up the gate to the small overgrown cemetery was locked. While I was contemplating hopping the fence, a transvestite prostitute appeared and asked me for some smokes. I decided it best to call it a day. Maybe I’ll try going back there again, some redevelopment has improved that area in the last decade.

I’m sorry, this is all too morbid, isn’t it. So watch this video, it’ll make you feel better.