What I learned this week, June 30, 2022

Flora Street, Dallas, Texas

How your mind, under stress, gets better at processing bad news

Some of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime will occur while you feel stressed and anxious. From medical decisions to financial and professional ones, we are often required to weigh up information under stressful conditions. Take for example expectant parents who need to make a series of important choices during pregnancy and labour – when many feel stressed. Do we become better or worse at processing and using information under such circumstances?xxx

Bike Trail, Spring Creek Natural Area Richardson, Texas

7 Powerful Habits of People With High Emotional Intelligence

You don’t get where you want to be without practice. Here’s how and what to practice.

Klyde Warren Park Dallas, Texas

Five stretches you should do every day

Even if you never work out.

One of the nice things at the Museum of Art is they had some semi-live music – a guitar player using some pre-recorded backing. It was very relaxing and everyone hung around and talked.

People who are good at small talk ask these 5 questions to be ‘more real and less awkward’: Public speaking expert

Small talk is often dismissed as being pointless and anxiety-producing. People either want to jump right into real conversation, or they want to go home. But some of the most important relationships begin with a casual conversation.

My Xootr Swift folding bike in the repair stand from Aldi

How to Do Your Own Basic Bike Maintenance

You can avoid expensive repairs and keep your bike in great working order.

B-25 “Devil Dog,” Commemorative Air Force, Dallas, Texas

Airline Labor Shortages May Wreck Your Summer Travel Plans.


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