What I learned this week, November 5, 2021

Woman writing in a Moleskine Notebook, Wichita, Kansas

Want to Retain Information Better? Try This Popular, 70-Year-Old Note-Taking Method

Anyone who has ever attended a keynote, lecture, or presentation of any kind knows how important it is to take good notes. How many times have you been at a presentation for work and afterward wished you had written down that key idea that you somehow can’t remember?

A while back, in my corporate days, I was experiencing this far too often. So I went back to my college days and pulled out a note-taking method I used to use, one of the most popular note-taking methods of all time, the “Cornell Note-taking System.” It’s named after a Cornell University educator who invented the system in the 1940s. Here’s how it works, as explained on the Cornell System official website.

Bicycle Drag Races, Continental Bridge Park, Dallas, Texas

Burn, baby, burn: the new science of metabolism

Scientists believe that the answer lies in the workings of our metabolism, the complex set of chemical reactions in our cells, which convert the calories we eat into the energy our body requires for breathing, maintaining organ functions, and generally keeping us alive.

There was live music at the start.

On not being afraid of failure

Composer Danny Elfman discusses venturing into new territory, taking criticism with a grain of salt, and the difficulty of understanding your own creative process.

Child’s Water Feature, Waxahatchie, Texas

How to make your anxiety work for you instead of against you

Anxiety is energy, and you can strike the right balance if you know what to look for.

Passage from Moby Dick, text marked out to form a found poem.

“Sorry, I only just got this!” The reality of navigating life as a bad replier

I am a self-confessed ‘bad replier’ – if I could add an out-of-office to my phone which would tell all of my friends to expect a reply within five to seven working days, I would. 

Trophy from the Gravity’s Rainbow Challenge. Yes, I read the whole thing.

Umberto Eco and His Theories and Practices

I am ploughing through “Foucault’s Pendulum” with my Difficult Reading Book Club. There is surprisingly little useful information out there on what is really going on.

The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader

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