What I learned this week, November 12, 2021

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3 Things No One Ever Told You About Making Friends in Adulthood

There are lots of bits of advice you probably weren’t given growing up. How to budget your money. How to know if you should marry the person you’re dating. How to make or break a habit.

Also assuredly on that list: How to make friends in adulthood.

Fullmoon Bicycle Ride, Dallas, Texas

The Mental Health Benefits of Doing Real Things

Activities such as lifting weights, hiking, or even woodworking teach us humility and keep us grounded in reality

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Psychology: how developing a ‘quiet mind’ can help improve your mental health for autumn

When we think about the autumn and winter seasons, we often envisage a peaceful scene. It’s a time where we seek cosiness and wrap ourselves up against the elements, a comforting hot chocolate and weighted blanket never too far away from our reach.

But despite the changing leaves and general feeling of happy hibernation, they are also seasons of great stress, too.

Bluetooth Keyboard and my phone.

Technology has given people more ways to connect, but has it also given them more opportunities to lie?

You might text your friend a white lie to get out of going to dinner, exaggerate your height on a dating profile to appear more attractive, or invent an excuse to your boss over email to save face.

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Hike farther and faster with these training tips

Hiking isn’t just a long walk in the woods.

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Why philosophy needs myth

Some see Plato as a pure rationalist, others as a fantastical mythmaker. His deft use of stories tells a more complex tale

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Travel Is No Cure for the Mind

It’s just another day… and you’re just doing what you need to do.

You’re getting things done, and the day moves forward in this continuous sequence of checklists, actions, and respites.

But at various moments of your routine, you pause and take a good look at your surroundings.

The scenes of your everyday life. The blur of this all-too-familiar film.

And you can’t help but to wonder…

If there is more to it all.