More Things I learned this week, November 1, 2021

Something In front of Braindead Brewing Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas

The Empty Brain

Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer

Downtown Square, McKinney, Texas

Unexpected phone calls: confessions of people who hate answering the phone

This one goes out to anyone who has ever pretended they can’t hear their ringing phone…

Bicycle Drag Racer on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

The Bicycle Thief

Tom Justice was once a cyclist chasing Olympic gold. Then he began using his bike for a much different purpose: robbing banks.

5 Things High-Performing Teams Do Differently

New research suggests that the highest-performing teams have found subtle ways of leveraging social connections during the pandemic to fuel their success. The findings offer important clues on ways any organization can foster greater connectedness — even within a remote or hybrid work setting — to engineer higher-performing teams. 

Klyde Warren Park Dallas, Texas

There’s a better way to warm up than stretching

Movement is key.

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Challenging EPA Authority to Regulate Greenhouse Gases (Updated)

A surprising grant of certiorari places a high-stakes regulatory case on the Court’s docket, with profound implications for EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gases.

Rotterdam Express Container Ship New Orleans, Louisiana

An Unexpected Victory: Container Stacking at the Port of Long Beach

A miracle occurred this week. Everyone I have talked to about it, myself included, is shocked that it happened. It’s important to 

  1. Understand what happened.
  2. Make sure everyone knows it happened.
  3. Understand how and why it happened.
  4. Understand how we might cause it to happen again.
  5. Update our models and actions.
  6. Ideally make this a turning point to save civilization.