Short Story of the Day, Flash Fiction, Colossal by Tara Laskowski

“A tilting sea and thundering winds

tossed the carved chest and filled Danaë

with terror; she cried

and placed her arm lovingly around

Perseus saying: ‘My child, I suffer

and yet your heart is calm; you sleep

profoundly in the blue dark of night

and shine in our gloomy bronze-ribbed boat.

Don’t think of the heaving saltwave

that seeps in through airholes and drenches

your hair, nor of the clamoring gale;

but lying in our seaviolet blanket

keep your lovely body close to mine.

If you knew the horror of our plight,

your gentle ears would hear my words.

But sleep, my son, and let

the ocean sleep and our great troubles end.

I ask you, father Zeus,

rescue us from our fate; and should

my words seem too severe, I beg you please

remember where we are, and forgive

my prayer.”

― Simonides

Dallas Zoo

Colossal by Tara Laskowski

from F(r)iction

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