Short Story Of the Day, Through the Fire by Rudyard Kipling

And she really began to wither away because her heart was dried up with fear, and those who believe in curses die from curses.

—- Rudyard Kipling, Through the Fire

Coal and coke fire, Frisco, Texas.

We all remember Rudyard Kipling’s children’s stories when we were children, Just So. I wanted to read something that wasn’t intended for children, though, and today’s tale of doomed love fits the bill.

One nice thing about reading online – especially reading something set somewhere so foreign and exotic as Kipling’s Himalayan village – are the Wikipedia hyperlinks. With one click you can have the little mysteries resolved in the next tab over. This is truly the best of all possible worlds.

Read it here:

Through the Fire by Rudyard Kipling

from The Short Story Project