Standing on the Pedals

“Likewise—now don’t laugh—cars and trucks should view the bike lanes as if they are sacrosanct. A driver would never think of riding up on a sidewalk. Most drivers, anyway. Hell, there are strollers and little old ladies up there! It would be unthinkable, except in action movies. A driver would get a serious fine or maybe even get locked up. Everyone around would wonder who that asshole was. Well, bike lanes should be treated the same way. You wouldn’t park your car or pull over for a stop on the sidewalk, would you? Well then, don’t park in the bike lanes either—that forces cyclists into traffic where poor little meat puppets don’t stand a chance.”
― David Byrne, Bicycle Diaries

New Orleans

2 responses to “Standing on the Pedals

    • Anyone that routinely runs stops signs and lights on a bike will not live very long – but the question is more difficult than you think.

      For example, most green lights have sensors that bikes don’t set off. You will stand there forever before it turns green… what do you do? Should a bicycle come to a complete stop (foot down) at every stop sign? Once you ride a lot you realize that very few cars actually come to a complete stop.

      It’s not an “us vs. them” question – but for a cyclist it is life and death.

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