5 responses to “Please Don’t Eat My Bike

    • That ugly thing on the front rack is a plastic ammo box from Harbor Freight. It’s attached with two nylon bolts and wingnuts through holes drilled in the bottom of the box and in the rack.

      It is hideously ugly but the most useful thing I’ve found yet. I keep all my stuff in there – lock, keys, small camera, wallet, phone, Kindle… anything I need on the ride. The top latches down securely. Plus, it’s lockable – I put a luggage lock on the thing when I go inside somewhere. It won’t stop a determined thief, but provides security for a few minutes.

      • Great idea. Maybe it’s not the most gorgeous but it’s relatively secure plus I assume waterproof. It does the job you need it to and there’s nothing commercial I’ve ever seen that offers these qualities.

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