4 responses to “Trinity River Bottoms

    • I understand what you are saying – the HDR technique is very problematic. There are so many people that simply use it to “juice-up” an otherwise boring scene. I consider myself guilty of that – but I do have the excuse that I am still learning. I think that HDR does have a legitimate use and have some ideas once I feel more comfortable in using it. The idea it to use HDR to photograph an otherwise impossible scene and come up with an interesting result that does not look like HDR. There is a wide variety of “looks” you can obtain by varying the parameters and algorithms in the software (I use the free version of Luminance HDR).

      Now, as far as being “tasteful” goes – I gave up on that a long, long time ago.

      • Good that you have a sense of humor on the topic 🙂 I get frustrated with mid-day landscape shots I shoot myself, but then, I kinda don’t take a lot of those to try and turn into art. When I do, I tend to desaturate them and throw on a neutral-density mask over the sky. Well, keep at it!

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