What I learned this week, March 08, 2013

The True-Life Horror that Inspired Moby-Dick


Call Me Ishmael

What’s on Tap: Proposed laws good for beer – and Texas



10 biggest fast food failures

I remember looking at a bag of potato chips and seeing the warning “May cause anal leakage.” Yeah, right.

 11 Foods You Can’t Buy Anywhere Anymore

and not alltogether a bad thing.

Could the ancient Romans have built a digital computer?

The 10 best restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth

The 10 Best Gift Shops in Dallas
I would add La Mariposa to the list.

The 5 Best Theater Companies in Dallas

Stuff I want:

Titanium Escape Ring Packs a Shim and a Saw

Cube 3D Home Printer


Along the walls near the Deep Ellum Green Line DART station are some odd, wonderful, and striking portraits, all marked Cathedonia.







These are the work of a local artist, Cathey Miller. She does a lot of varied work, including professional scene painting and such.

From her online bio:

Since 2001, the subject of my personal artwork has been the mythical planet of Cathedonia, a place I invented and populated with only my closest friends . My amateur studies in particle physics convinced me that I existed simultaneously in a parallel universe, flying around in a spaceship, drinking big gulps, and saving the earth from monsters.

My paintings are portrait based explorations into a symbol rich outer space environment. These images are painterly, colorful, and communicate Cathedonian ideals of truth, beauty, girl power, and heroism in the face of gigantic eagle headed flying intergalactic lobsters.