What I learned this week July 27, 2012

I remember – 1979 or so, I was right out of school, living in Kansas, when I heard Sultans of Swing on the radio. It was a revelation. Years later, I think that Making Movies is one of the greatest albums of all time… a little disappointed with a lot of Dire Straights and Mark Knopfler’s later career… but still, Sultans brings it all back.

This video is all amazingness – time goes by… everything changes and nothing changes.  

Check out the title for your book and see how it rates.

I have two titles I’m thinking about… they both gave the exact same score… Still, the thing is kinda fun.

The Food Pyramid of Album Titles

(click on image for a larger version)

From Paste Magazine

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4 responses to “What I learned this week July 27, 2012

    • Both of my titles were only 26.3 %. I need to play around with it and try to get as high a score as possible – see what it would take.

      I put the Star Trek thing in there basically to aggravate people. At least Wesley Crusher wasn’t listed.

  1. Shame McCoy didn’t make the Star Trek Top 10. I’d have broken the rules and included Jason Nesmith from Galaxy Quest – not Star Trek I know but a good parody.
    Sultans of Swing remains an all time favourite of mine, like you I can almost pinpoint with extreme accuracy the first time I heard it. I agree with you about some of his later work but I really like the sound track to Local Hero!

    • Yeah, McCoy should have made it – though you could add all sorts of folks. It’s obvious from the list that the writer is too young – he gives the original series short shrift. Of course, who am I to judge… I would have included Marta, from TOS episode 71. Shame she had to explode.

      I have seen Local Hero, but never listened to the soundtrack. I’ll have to check it out.

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