What I learned this week, July 6, 2012

girl from ipanema turns fifty



Frank Sinatra

Ella Fitzgerald

20 Songs for Sticking It to The Man

The Power and the Peril of Our Crowdfunded Future

This year Kickstarter has provided more money to the arts than the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

I like the song… may not be anything special – but any music video with Kelsey Gunn in it is worth an Embed. It’s odd seeing her in something serious after all those 5 Second films.

2 responses to “What I learned this week, July 6, 2012

  1. In my 20s, I worked briefly at a ceramics studio. There was this very beautiful latin woman, probably in her early 40s, who used to come in and make stuff. She was shy, but over time we became friendly. One day a friend of mine came in to bring me a microphone he’d borrowed. “Oh, are you a musician?” she said. Yes, I replied. She said, “My husband was a jazz musician. He’s passed on now.” I gave her my regrets. Then she said, “Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Stan Getz?” My jaw dropped.

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