Bark in the Creek Bottoms in Back of my House

Does anybody really look at anything?

I was waiting outside for the day to get going and noticed the tree next to me had been drilled by a woodpecker in a long series of horizontal rows of holes – hundreds of them, all over the tree. The woodpecker must work the same hours as I do, because I had not heard him out there, pecking away.

All the trees tell stories in their bark. I didn’t have to move more than ten feet to get these pictures, but look at the variety of the tree skin, from tough and rugged, to torn and wounded, to almost soft and curvaceous.

But nobody ever looks at them… not closely, not like that.

The woodpecker has left a line of holes in this tree like Al Capone’s gunners on Saint Valentine’s day.

The torn-up looking trees are all Bois d’ Arc – which I have written about before.

6 responses to “Bark in the Creek Bottoms in Back of my House

    • That was my thought too. I’ll keep an eye on it – so far it seems no worse for wear from the woodpecker or whatever bugs the bird was eating.

      The Bois d’ Arc trees will probably die soon (in tree years at least) – the city has planted a few long-lived trees to replace them.

  1. Our house was becoming the nature center de jour (I do not speak French). Not only were the pillars on the porch and wood trim edible? But two worked on the brick chimney. At the time, it was being fixed. The startled workmen said it was a first for the.
    The deterent: fiberglass pillars.
    Result: house still standing.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      It is always a surprise when we are reminded how close to us nature always is and how thin the veneer of our civilized world can be.

      I love living on a creek lot but there are always critters coming up and visiting. I’m particularly afraid of a coyote deciding to try our doggie door.

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