Clarinet in the Park

I went for a bit of a walk in the very picturesque Prairie Creek Park here in Richardson. The place was crawling with photographers – most of them pros, lugging huge lenses, and carefully posing children, couples, or recent graduates along the rocks of the waterfall or in the fading patches of bluebonnets and other wildflowers.

Off to the side, a man was sitting on a metal park bench playing an ancient metal clarinet. He had a bag of sheet music at his feet and he’d select a piece, clip it into his music holder, and then play. Nobody was paying any attention to him.

Except for me.

11 responses to “Clarinet in the Park

  1. Music in the park. What a wonderful thing. By the way, what do you do about photgraphing people? Do you ask permission or simply snap? I’m keen to hear from other bloggers on this as I’m not sure of general protocol. I ask or try to avoid people in pictures.

    • Thanks for the comment. As a general rule, I do not ask people if I can take their photos. I usually do not want “posed” pictures, with folks grinning into the camera, and that’s what you get if you ask people. Most people don’t seem to mind and carrying a big DSLR helps because it at least gives the impression that you are serious about what you are doing.

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