Shoes on a Wire

Photograph taken on the University of Louisiana Lafayette campus near the Intramural Athletic Fields, Lafayette, Louisiana.

This is a relatively untouched photograph. After I put up this entry I brought it into Illustrator and traced it. Now I’m trying to think of an interesting background to put behind the shoes. Any ideas?

4 responses to “Shoes on a Wire

    • I’ve read that, not only in New Orleans, but in most large cities – but wonder if it isn’t an Urban Myth. I’ve seen too many kids throw shoes just for grins.

      At any rate this spot – – didn’t look like a drug area to me.

      I do wonder if there is a story behind those shoes. They weren’t the only ones on those wires (they were a lot higher than they look in the photo). They were all athletic shoes – cleats – and I’m sure they were thrown up there after games on the intramural fields.

      Maybe the tradition is to throw your shoes after your last game before graduation?

      • Hi Bill, before the storm I used to live in the upper 7th ward — Esplanade Ridge. Whenever drug dealers set up shop they’d toss an old pair of kicks over the wire. We neighbors took them down quickly. It’s no urban myth.

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