Bike Lids

Mockingbird Station, Dallas, Texas

According to the DART web site, these bike lids were all bought with a federal grant and meet all homeland security requirements. I had to think about that for a while – I guess it’s harder to hide a bomb in these, compared to the old bike lockers. There are 142 of these all over the system.

Bike Lid

DART Bike Lids

DART station access

Commuting Works For Me, but I have a DART issue

DART Bike and Ride Program

DART Bike Pods

Bike Friendly Dallas – DART Bike Lids and Katy Trail Phase III progress

7 responses to “Bike Lids

    • They are mostly designed for storing a bike during the day while the rider has taken the train to work or another destination. Overnight is a little tricky – the bike rider puts his own lock on and I’ve heard plenty of stories of bikes taken during the night.

  1. I had no idea that Homeland Security is consulted in the design of storage devices like bike lids.

    So, they’re secure against terrorists but not secure against thieves in the night. How much does that cost taxpayers . . . exactly?

  2. oh . . . you mean covers for bicycles . . . I thought . . . you know like “lids” . . . gonna get me a “lid” . . . my old hipster background perks to the surface . . . very interesting, the homeland is once again secure . . .

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