Two Men Between the Ponds

Back in July I posted a quick entry about a man that was doing Tai Chi Chuan (or something) between the two flood control ponds at the end of my block. He’s out there most days at about the time I go to work.

Man between the ponds
Man between the ponds
He’s become sort of a welcome sight for me in the mornings. I like it when he’s there.
This weekend, I had to work on Sunday, so I headed out at eight or so down the alley. This time, there were two men out exercising between the ponds. One was, I suppose, the same guy as usual, in his black outfit; the other was wearing white. 
Unfortunately, the other day I accidentally opened my camera case upside down and my camera fell out. I’m working on saving enough money to get it fixed (yes, it’s killing me). All I had was my Blackberry, so I took as good a picture as I could.
Men Between the Ponds

Men Between the Ponds

 Maybe someday there will be three.


2 responses to “Two Men Between the Ponds

  1. Wow, you are lucky to have Tai Chi practice so close to your house, Bill! I would LOVE that. I have been going to Tai Chi class every Saturday for a little over a year. There is a free class at the Crow Collection Asian Museum downtown. It is Wu style Tai Chi and if you bring a blank DVR, the instructor will give you a recorded DVD with all 108 moves. Tai Chi is wonderful.
    Hope your camera is repaired and back in working order soon. That would kill me too.

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