The Eyes of the Cat

Detail from Eyes of the Cat, by Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky

My last years of college and the first few out in the real world I was a bit of a fan of the magazine Heavy Metal (and of the original French version Métal Hurlant). As anyone of that time and space would, I especially enjoyed the work of the artist/illustrator Jean Giraud – better known as Moebius.

I was sad to see he passed away this year, at 73. I thought of him recently as I stumbled across some of his work on a favorite art blog, But Does it Float.

Recently, that blog had a post on a work I was not familiar with. It was a collaboration of Moebius with Alejandro Jodorowsky – among many, many, other things,  a director of amazingly disturbing and odd films.

It’s called Les Yeux du Chat (The Eyes of the Cat) – and was their first comic together (I believe it’s from 1978). It’s a simple collection of wordless drawings, telling a horrific story about a man, his falcon, and an unfortunate cat.

Pretty disturbing, not for all tastes (not too good for a cat-lover, for example) – but it’s the sort of thing that you will like if you like that sort of thing.

It’s what I would do if I had the talent. Sorry.

The book is terribly expensive and very short – but through the magic of this interweb thing, you can see it here.

Detail from Eyes of the Cat, by Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky

What I learned this week, May 25, 2012

We all hate wasting the ketchup that sticks in the bottle. Finally, at MIT, scientists have designed an FDA-approved, nonstick coating called InstaGlide that solves the problem. This is truly the best of all possible worlds.

It seems like there is nothing on to watch… so all you have to do is check another one off of this list:

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Bicycling Magazine ranked Dallas as

The Worst Cycling City in America

There are a lot of people working on this… and the suburbs are better than Dallas itself… (I live in Richardson and it was chosen locally the best Dallas neighborhood for bicycling) but there is still the heat and all those giant pickup trucks. The problem isn’t that, though – it’s the beauracracy.

It’s official: Dallas is still the (one and only) worst city for bicycling in the entire country

Conversely, Dallas was cited as one of America’s worst cycling cities for the second time since 2008 for creating almost no new cycling infrastructure even after its adoption of a bicycle master plan. Cycling advocates in Dallas, who were vocal in their frustration with the city’s progression, expressed hope that the “worst” designation will serve as a catalyst for a faster, more concentrated bike-friendly movement.

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