What I learned this week, June 1st, 2021

at DFW Airport

How to stop overthinking

Grappling with your thoughts will leave you even more entangled in worry. Use metacognitive strategies to break free

This woman was waving a turkey leg out of her food trailer. When someone came up to buy one, she said, “Let me get you a fresh one hon, this is my demo model, I’ve been waving it out this window for hours.”


Why do we eat bad food?

Braindead Brewing, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

The Hidden Costs of Happiness

We all want to know how to be happy, but we rarely consider the hidden costs of happiness. It is not free. And despite what Cover Girl or Tony Robbins or the Dalai Lama once told you, it’s not always easy breezy either.

from Sightings, by Mai-Thu Perret, 2016, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas

What Happens to Our Brains When We Get Depressed?

The human brain, in all its complexity, is nearly impossible to model. One neuroscientist is trying anyway

Running up that hill at the end.

Running From the Pain

Exercise can be a very effective way to treat depression. So why don’t American doctors prescribe it?

Arts District, Dallas, Texas

8 Rules to Do Everything Better

The most important principles to grow your body and mind

Running of the bulls, New Orleans, Louisiana

This Is Your Brain on Exercise

Exercise is as good for your brain as it is for your body, and researchers are just beginning to discover why

A Mental And A Moral Island Is Not A Man

“A human being without the proper empathy or feeling is the same as an android built so as to lack it, either by design or mistake. We mean, basically, someone who does not care about the fate which his fellow living creatures fall victim to; he stands detached, a spectator, acting out by his indifference John Donne’s theorem that ‘No man is an island,’ but giving that theorem a twist: that which is a mental and a moral island is not a man.”
― Philip K. Dick, The Dark-Haired Girl

Rusted with Gun Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas

Rusted with Gun
Deep Ellum
Dallas, Texas

I Buy a Secretary

This last weekend, Candy and I went out on a tour of East Dallas’ best (and worst) thrift and second-hand stores. I always watch an episode of Hoarders before we go, to make sure I don’t buy stuff just to be buying.

I bought a secretary.

No, not this kind of secretary.



Get your mind out of the gutter.

This kind of secretary.



I’ve wanted a good place to store pens and paper – a place I can sit down and write.

Writing Surface Dropped Down

The hinged writing surface dropped down on the secretary.

And that’s what a secretary does.

We bought it at a little second-hand shop off of Garland Road that supports an animal orphanage – they had some black lab-Bassett hound mix puppies on display – we were lucky to get out of there with only the piece of furniture.

And we weren’t done – not by any means. That part of town is lousy with second hand stores and we toured quite a few, braving the heat which quickly began to rise into blowtorch territory as the blazing sun rose higher in the sky.

Found a nice little down-home Italian place right next door.

Sali's Italian Restaurant

Sali's Italian Restaurant - at Peavy and Garland Road in Dallas

Excellent food, very cheap prices… check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

On we went, this was our old stomping grounds, years ago, and it’s surprising how little everything has changed. The thrift stores still smell the same, of course, that odd smell of other people’s clothes mixed with an air of desperation. I don’t care, I get good deals: wireless G Router for $4.93, Logitech soundsystem with powered subwoofer for $14.97, laptop speakers for 2 bucks. I didn’t buy enough crap to feel like a hoarder.

Oh, look at this. The window of a car insurance place….

No Licence, No Problem

No Licence, No Problem

“No licence, no problem.” Jeez! Selling car insurance to people without a driver’s license…. and what does that little button that says “HOME” mean?

The day wore us out. The heat – the trudging around.

I do like my secretary, though.