Flash Fiction of the Day, Chasing the Legend by Deborah Shrimplin

“Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird,

That cannot fly.”

― Langston Hughes

Autumn grasses, Courthouse Square, McKinney, Texas

A short piece about hope – and the idea that maybe we aren’t as stupid as we seem.

Chasing the Legend by Deborah Shrimplin

Short Story (Flash Fiction) Of the Day, Against the Dying of the Light by Stewart C Baker

Alyssa reaches down and squeezes her mother’s hand, so frail and thin compared to the one she remembers from her childhood decades before. “We’ll get through this, okay? You and me. Like always.”

—-Stewart C Baker, Against the Dying of the Light

Mural outside of Sandwich Hag, The Cedars, Dallas, Texas

There is heartbreak and slim hope… and then there is writing about heartbreak and slim hope – which is something altogether different.

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Against the Dying of the Light by Stewart C Baker

from Flash Fiction Online

Stewart C Baker Home Page

Short Story Of the Day (Flash Fiction) A Trace of Music by Robert Garner McBrearty

During all my drinking days, I listened for that music and thought it might be worth continuing to drink just to hear it once more. But, of course, it wasn’t.

—-Robert Garner McBrearty, A Trace of Music

Music at Ciclovia Dallas

Working my knee back with ice, rest and ibuprofen. Yesterday, I rode my spin bike on very light resistance for an hour and today, one week after I slipped coming out of the shower and twisted my knee, I rode my road bike for the first time – five miles around the ‘hood. It was fine – not entirely pain-free, but bearable. Maybe ten miles tomorrow after work (I have to work, I am essential). The nice thing about the road bike is that with my feet clipped in they are held rigid with no lateral flex in my leg or knee. That helps. It’s a bitch getting my shoes on, however.

A day at a time – small improvements – each day a little better than the day before.

Like in today’s story….

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A Trace of Music by Robert Garner McBrearty

from Heart of Flesh Literary Journal

Robert Garner McBrearty Homepage