Movie Recommendations

“Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.”
― Captain Jack Sparrow

Classic colorful street bombers at the movie.

I watch too many movies… or maybe I don’t watch enough movies. I watch too many shit movies… I guess I watch too many short, silly Youtube things and not enough full-length movies.

There are too many films streaming on the various film streaming things… what to choose. I am working on it.

I have started a DAILY NOTES notebook – attached a pen holder to it and placed a couple of useful fountain pens (a Kaweco Sport and my Pilot Capless) on the notebook.

Also, I found a Youtube channel, Flick Connections, the guy has current recommendations from the various genres and streaming channels. So I’m working my way through some of his offerings, sitting there with a pen and my DAILY NOTES notebook and writing down what he recommends that I haven’t seen (or saw so long ago I don’t remember) and may be interested in.

The first two are: 20 Stunning SCI-FI Movies to Watch on HBO Max This Weekend and 18 Fantastic ‘FUCKED UP’ Films to Watch FREE on Tubi Tonight!.

I typed up the list from my notebook, added brief comments from my scribbled notes (can’t vouch for the accuracy of these), and emailed it to Candy. I was surprised how many she had already seen.

Here’s the text of my email – for your education. Some (one at least) are already gone – but will Shirley pop up somewhere else (or maybe not, and please stop calling me Shirley). Yeah, I know, there are some on here that I should have seen already – so sue me. Or, better yet, send me your ideas and recommendations – put them in a comment.

The one film that I really want to see is the first one – the Ann Hathaway monster movie – Colossal.

So many movies (and even more books) and so little time.

* – movies I want to watch soon

—-HBO+ (Science fiction)

* Colossal – Ann Hathaway clever monster movie. Supposed to be really good.

FAQ About Time Travel – Silly British comedy – satire of science fiction

Birth – Reincarnation – not much SF – Art Film, slow Weird

Limitless – Bradley Cooper – PG13 crowd pleaser

—-Popular films you may have seen and I should have seen:

* Vanilla Sky I have seen the Spanish version, Abre los ojos, but I don’t think I’ve seen Vanilla Sky all the way through in one sitting.

* Moon

* Ex Machina

—-Tubi (Fucked up films)

The Invitation – Thriller

* Goldstone – remote locations, Mystery

Wind River – neo noir mystery, by the director of Yellowstone
* Cold in July – Slick, set in Texas
* All the Money in the World – Ridley Scott

* Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – Philip Seymour Hoffman
Arizona – Danny McBride

Radius – low budget – Twilight Zone Like

Kill the Irishman – Mob Movie

Bone Tomahawk – Australian Western

Red Hill – Modern day Australian Western

* 68 Kill- Dark Comedy – lot of blood

The Chaser – South Korea – pimp thriller

Hunger – Michael Fassbender’s breakout role – Irish Prison – very disturbing

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