What I learned this week, September 30, 2022

French Quarter New Orleans, Louisiana Halloween

Languishing, What To Do If You’re Feeling Restless, Apathetic

Many people may even have experienced – or may still be experiencing – languishing without really even knowing what it is or why they’re feeling that way

Renner School House desks.

Why Adults Still Dream About School

I have been out of school for almost half a century – and I still have nightmares about final exams. I wake up shaking, in a cold sweat, and it takes me minutes to realize I don’t have to do that any more – haven’t for many decades.

Kyde Warren Park, Dallas, Texas

Taking aim at the family

Radicals have always known that the family is the biggest obstacle to achieving their goals. Regardless of their political leanings, cult leaders, utopians, and radical political movements have all done their best to undermine the family and replace it with some other fundamental social unit.

As the sun set the sculptures began to glow. This one is one of the largest (about 20 feet tall) and most dramatic works… called “The Sun.” When I first saw it, I thought it was all yellow and red glass, but some kids were looking closer and you can see that there are actually many colors in there.

The Four Desires Driving All Human Behavior: Bertrand Russell’s Magnificent Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

“Nothing in the world is more exciting than a moment of sudden discovery or invention, and many more people are capable of experiencing such moments than is sometimes thought.”

‘Ridiculously Detailed’ New Image of The Moon Is a Masterpiece of Space Photography

Time to upgrade your wallpapers, people.

Two astrophotographers have just dropped what they call “the most ridiculously detailed picture” of the Moon – the result of a painstaking, neck-craning effort roughly two years and over 200,000 frames in the making.

Rachel Harrison Moore to the point City Hall Plaza (click to enlarge)

Peter Zeihan’s Global Stability Map 2015-2030

This map created something of a stir when I posted it on social media, in part because its claims are so counter to conventional wisdom in many instances. An enlarged version is available here.

Amanda Popken on the Dallas Cycle Style Seersucker Ride

17 Ways To Be More Positive In 2021, According to Psychologists

After the last year, it’s time to invest in optimism.