What I learned this week, July 22, 2022

Artwork in the Braindead Brewing Company, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Open-minded people have a different visual perception of reality

Psychologists have only begun to unravel the concept of “personality,” that all-important but nebulous feature of individual identity. Recent studies suggest that personality traits don’t simply affect your outlook on life, but the way you perceive reality.

Struggling with positive thinking? Research shows grumpy moods can actually be useful

As psychiatry, which uses medical and biological methods to treat mental disorders, has largely overtaken psychotherapy, which relies on non-biological approaches such as conversation and counselling, psychotherapists have sought alternative challenges. One common approach is to focus on enhancing the happiness of mentally healthy people, rather than relieving the mental pain and trauma of those who are suffering.


8 Creative Ways People Kept Cool Before Air Conditioning

It’s therefore no surprise that people have come up with a range of ingenious, harebrained, and sometimes grim but often remarkable ways to stay cool during a summer scorcher. Below are eight highlights.

Wind Turbines Blackwell, Oklahoma (click to enlarge)

The real-world consequences of green extremism

Humankind long ago acquired the technological ability to thrive in all climes, but citizens of the most advanced nations must now check the weather forecast to know if their fridges and household lights will work or be shut down in an electricity blackout.

A group of friends in front of the Dallas Museum of Art, night, long exposure

The Grown-Up’s Guide to Making and Keeping Friends

The best advice for finding your people, staying close, and getting through the hard parts.

Recycled Books, Denton, Texas

7 Fiction Books That Change The Way You Think

Non-fiction books of today are equally entertaining to read as fiction books. That’s also because they’re forced to be more interesting — books have a lot of competition these days.

14 Fun Facts About Fireflies

Fact number 3: In some places at some times, fireflies synchronize their flashing

The 50 Greatest Fictional Deaths of All Time

The most tearjerking, hilarious, satisfying, and shocking death scenes in 2,500 years of culture.

How where you’re born influences the person you become

Today, unique behaviors and characteristics seem ingrained in certain cultures.

What Counts as Seeing

A conversation between Alice Wong and Ed Yong

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