What I learned this week, July 9, 2022

Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas (click to enlarge)

The Remarkable Ways Our Brains Slip Into Synchrony

Many of our most influential experiences are shared with and, according to a growing body of cognitive science research, partly shaped by other people.

Virtual money flowing across the surface of the sculpture. Fountainhead Charles Long Northpark Center Dallas, Texas

How to spend your money for maximum happiness

Years of behavioral and psychological research have given us insight into how to splurge optimally.

Sculpture, East Dallas

5 questions to ask when you need help finding your purpose

If you’re feeling stuck, these questions can help.

Mojo Coffee, Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana (click to enlarge)

Woke Coffee Shop Closes Down After Insane Demands From Even-More-Woke Employees

A coffee shop in Philadelphia known for its LGBTQ brand identity closed its doors after employees revolted against the owners and demanded that they “redistribute” the company.

The Cedars, Dallas, Texas

The Biden Administration Sold 950,000 Barrels of Precious Strategic Petroleum Reserve Oil to a China Firm Which Hunter Biden Just Happens To Own a Huge Stake In.

The Biden administration sold roughly one million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese state-controlled gas giant that continues to purchase Russian oil, a move the Energy Department said would “support American consumers” and combat “Putin’s price hike.”

Chicago’s holiday weekend death toll was higher than the mass shooting on the 4th and residents wonder why no one cares.

The focus on one shocking act of violence is understandable but the city of Chicago saw many acts of violence over the July 4th weekend. In fact, more people were shot and killed over the 3-day weekend than died in the mass shooting in Highland Park. Local residents wonder why the violence they see every day doesn’t seem to attract much attention or resources.

Peak Woke?

America’s Great Awokening produced cottage industries and small fortunes. Consultants and trainers peddled odd academic theories to multinational corporations, earning millions; authors such as Ibram X. Kendi won massive grants and intellectual prizes. On the other side, public intellectuals like Jordan Peterson emerged in part as theorists of what was wrong about woke culture; conservatives like Ben Shapiro and liberals like Dave Rubin grew their audiences with an anti-woke message.